About Glazier Farms Beef

We know everything about the product we sell your family, because Glazier Farms Beef was born, raised, and fed on our fourth generation farm in Loyal, Okla.

We operate a structurally-sound program where calves are born on grass pastures where they spend up to eight months grazing with their mommas, are then weaned and promoted to grazing on lush (weather permitting) winter wheat, and are then grain-finished on a custom ration of locally-sourced grain, which is developed by a professional cattle nutritionist, that compliments their free-choice, high-quality hay.

Kyle and Sheri utilize their well-practiced gentle cattle handling skills, which are verified through a national certification program, to employ excellent record keeping and animal health practices. A long-standing, working relationship with the farm’s veterinarian ensures animal care is at the forefront of any decisions regarding vaccine programs or interventions.

All decisions about continued education, soil management, water resources, crop planting programs, and veterinarian relationships level up to raising healthy animals.

Our cattle are processed at a federally-inspected USDA facility, which means Glazier Farms Beef is legally able to ship anywhere in the United States.

All beef is dry aged for 14-21 days, which ensures the product we deliver to your front door is as premium as it is delicious.